GOEX products are wonderfully made by artisans around the world


GOEX is fully owned bya global community caring for local children and families in crisis. 100% of GOEX's profits go to help care for orphaned and abandoned children in the care of GO's church partners around the world. 

GOEX Artisan is a global boutique dedicated to Orphan Prevention. World class designers help local workers among the poor – mostly single moms – make beautiful, hand-crafted products that embody their own uplifting beauty.

Each product you'll purchase meets these minimum standards:

  • LIFTING PAY | Each local maker earns at least double the local minimum wage. We want the local makers to experience the dignity of caring for their own families, rather than standing in aid lines.
  • DIGNIFIED ENVIRONMENT | We have personally inspected and engaged in the production boutiques where our products are made. The environments are both safe and supportive.
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY | The quality of our products must reflect the high value of the local makers who crafted the products.
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