Katlin Jackson founded Haiti Babi after a trip to Haiti with her mom volunteering at an infant care center and orphanage. During this trip she learned that many of the 500,000 children in Haitian orphanages are put there by parents who simply cannot afford to provide for them. She saw firsthand the love of families for their children and their desire to care for them if they had the resources. And so, Katlin was inspired to to give families a hand up by creating a sustainable solution – jobs.

Putting moms to work is just one of Haiti Babi’s missions. Haiti Babi hires moms in Haiti to knit and crochet high-quality artisan baby goods. A job empowers these moms to earn a living while caring for their families. Haiti Babi is about moms helping moms. By purchasing a Haiti Babi product you empower a mom in Haiti to care for her children and keep them out of orphanages.

"No parent should have to be without their child simply because they can’t afford him”