GOEX is fully owned by The Global Orphan Project. All profits from GOEX go to help care for orphaned and abandoned children.


The Global Orphan Project, Inc. (GO Project or GO) is a global orphan care ministry headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, focusing on orphan care and orphan prevention. We work with local churches to provide family-based care for orphaned and abandoned children in their communities.


We also invest in business ventures to create jobs to keep families together, with profits going to help pay for local orphan care. These businesses are central to our model. They create jobs, create economy, and help care for children. We have found that capitalizing such businesses does more than create an income stream for orphan care; it often keeps the families of the employed together. Job creation is key to orphan prevention. Our most robust economic development venture aimed at Orphan Prevention is our flagship enterprise, GOEX. 


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The Global Orphan Project is transforming lives through orphan care around the world